ID Moscow is an international consulting including search firm working in both executive and non-executive search.

We focus on Board level appointments, and have specialization in finding Chairmen, Chief executives, Finance and other Executive Directors, and Non-executive Directors.

Our business includes the building of balances Boards Executives and Non-executives, equal in effectiveness in their different roles. Senior leadership teams with the right skills in perfect balance to power the organization toward.

Defining the right talent to lead an organization to success is generally known as hard task. We will work in close partnership with you to make the right appointments.

As also board specialists, we cover all sectors in search. Our outlook, scope and experience are international. We have placed Chief Executives from overseas.

We absorb a client’s culture, assessing its needs.

Recommendations become a matter of giving advice to clients (sometimes quite surprising advice).

Our services includes also the following CAPABILITIES.

We take the time to listen, our clients value our advise because we prioritise undertanding their culture and business needs. No two clients or two candidates are the same and we tailor each search, each conversation to their needs.

Tatyana Kapral, ID Moscow office

We provide to our clients with a mix of practitioner expertise, academic knowledge, and regulatory experience, and the quality of our work stands the test of time. We are rigorous, innovative, and good at what we do.

Kelvin Trott, ID London office

Total for the year of Kiev office functioning, we have successfully implemented several projects on recruitment, signed the cooperation agreement with a number of financial and industrial companies. Our current business objectives are to support clients’ business transformation as well as coaching and mentoring.

Irina Gladuniak, ID Kiev Office

Demands form the request that companies are generating (addressing, bringing) to us for consultancy. Our main task is to find the best solution thus we help the client's business grow and develop.

Irina Gladuniak, ID Kiev Office

I am proud of some of the placements we have been abale to make in tough circumstances, for companies in need of leaders who can reshape them.

Tatyana Kapral, ID Moscow office

The pace of business in today's world is very high and that is call time.

Globalization and technology are fundamentally changing the approach of personnel management, so companies hunt for the best, create conditions for talent retention and change to ensure effective growth.

Irina Gladuniak, ID Kiev Office